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Barnett Recruit recurve for $85

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I should have posted this in the General Forum yesterday rather than in the Barnett section.

The Barnett Recruit compound was my first crossbow back in 2014 and there was some growing pains with it.

I had seen the recurve model on sale for $179 in the past but for $85, I might buy one just for the heck of it. I’m sure a new string would be the first thing to get.
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Ah, if I had only known.:rolleyes: Would have been a good one to try for my wife, who wants to shoot 3D with us next year. Tried the Bruin Attack 365, but even the 175# was too much for her arthritic hands :( I’m in the process of making this for her, with obviously a lot more work to do. Saved a little money, cost myself a bit of work. Mostly sanding left (which I hate!):rolleyes:

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