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Barnett Wildcat C5...Please Help!

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I have a chance to purchase a used Wildcat C5 for what I feel is a great price. Was there a slower version of this made before the present version. I am seeing on Amazon...150 lb draw, throws a 425 gr 20" bolt @ 320 fps,for $447?? Only difference I can see is the one on Amazon is camo, and the used one Im looking at is flat black.

If this is the same xbow, I am gonna make a trip to get this xbow Monday for the price the guy has on it!!

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Don't know about the speeds, but there were progressive models of the wildcat models through the years.
Here is some information. If you do searches on you tube for the Barnett Wild Cat, then the series you can obtain some more information.
Barnett Wild Cat C5: Draw weight 150. 400 grain arrow-point combination at 320 FPS. 13" power stroke. You tube video 2011.

Barnett Wild Cat C6: Draw weight 125. 400 grain arrow-point combination at 320 FPS. 14.125" power stroke. You tube video 2015.

Barnett Wild Cat C7: Draw weight 140. 380 grain arrow-point combination at 320 FPS. You tube video 2017.

These are obsolete crossbows where one is unable to get parts other than string and cables from after market builders.

For the price you mention, Lancaster Archery has new 2018 Barnett Droptine STR for $449.00. This crossbow has the trigger tech and brush retainer. It is crank cocking compatible if one requires that. 185 pound draw weight limbs. Advertised to shoot a 380 grain arrow-point combination at 380 FPS. I put a review on their site where I leveled the cams and added a shim to the front of the picatinny rail to level it with the rail-stock. Properly tuned, this is a very high quality crossbow.
Some of the newer crossbows, the manufacture has dropped to lower arrow-point combination weight to get their advertised speed. Narrowing the riser and shortening the limb length has restricted speed.

Check out some of the other newer brands in the $500.00 to $600.00 range as some of those are good quality.

Wishing you all the best with what ever you decide.
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