The Bohning Blazer vane has earned a reputation of being a bulletproof vane that provides excellent broadhead steering for arrows shot from today’s modern compound bows. But with crossbow hunting on the rise, is the Blazer vane a suitable contender for crossbow arrows? The answer is an astounding yes. For quite some time now, crossbow hunters have been experiencing the same benefits the Blazer vane provides to the vertical bowhunters. Excellent broadhead head flight coupled with pinpoint downrange accuracy. There was however one small drawback for some crossbow hunters. Because of the higher profile of the Blazer vane, not all crossbow manufacturers had a deep enough groove milled into the flight rail of the their crossbows. Because of this, the bottom vane of an arrow fletched with the old Blazer vane would sometime ride the bottom of the rails. Now I said “old” Blazer vane because recently, Bohning has re-engineered it’s tried and true vane and was able to shave some of the height from the new Blazer vane, which just so happens to remedy the only drawback to shooting them on your crossbow arrows. Even with this lower profile, the Blazer continues to delivery the excellent flight characteristics we’ve come to expect from Bohning.

There are however a couple other benefits to hunting with Blazer vanes that you may not be aware of. Arrow front of center ratio can play a huge factor with crossbow arrows. Because crossbows don’t have arrow rests, there isn’t much you can do to tune an arrow. Having a good front of center ratio can dramatically increase accuracy. The two ways to increase your FOC is to either add weight to the front of the arrow, or remove weight from the rear of the arrow. With the shorter length of the Blazer vane compared to the 4-5 inch vanes traditionally found on crossbow arrows, the Blazer vane is able to eliminate unwanted or unneeded weight from the rear of the arrow, as a result increasing your front of center. Another appealing benefit to using the Blazer vane is that it allows your crossbow arrows to penetrate a target 2-3 inches deeper before ruining your fletching job. This can be a big factor with today’s crossbows producing kinetic energy levels well over the 100-foot pound marks. Having those extra inches of arrow shaft can make the difference of spending time practicing or spending time rebuilding arrows.

As you can see, the Bohning Blazer vane is well suited for crossbow use. A proven vertical bow vane for nearly a decade, the Blazer will surely continue its legacy in the crossbow world. Easy to fletch, tuff as nails, and excellent accuracy make this the perfect vane for all crossbow hunters.