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Bolt question, FOC, and Vanes

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newbie to crossbows but have built my own arrow for my compound for years.

I have a 2019 RDX 400 and am shooting the tenpoint 20" bolt with their lighted nocks.
I am having trouble grouping my 100g slick tricks.
Am thinking about:

Going to 125 grain ST's and re fletching with 2" b blazers (rt helical) on one bolt to move my FOC a bit and see if that helps. current FOC is about a 12.

1) thoughts on the above?
2) should I think about a different bolt, if so Which?????
3) after #2, keep same bolt length?

Mostly hunt WT and hogs, will be elk hunting this fall in WY.
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Just some ideas to consider. I'm hunting; not target shooting. I zero my hunting arrows one at a time. I've never used a second arrow on a hunt so I have no need to have multiple arrows group. I do want my #1 arrow to hit the same spot every time. Zero your #1 arrow and go shoot a deer; the slick trick will do the job. The arrow you use should be straight .003 or less.
I shoot a 545 gr arrow at White-tail and would be comfortable using it on hogs or elk (my bucket list). Sixty % of that weight is in the front end (200 gr insert and 125 gr BH). With a lighted nock I have FOC of 20+%. If I hit bone, I want it to break. That is somewhat important when shooting urban WT for herd control in the neighborhood. You don't want wounded deer capable of wandering around the block near the bus stop.:p
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Either spine index your arrows or buy some that are indexed...
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Good point, Wapster. I just assumed that the Tenpont arrows would have been indexed. Thanks for taking up the slack.:)
The tenpoint arrows I have were off by a country mile according to my indexer...
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