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Braunschweiger or Liverwurst

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Braunschweiger is one of those things you always eat as a kid in a German family. I mean, we had sauerkraut for thanksgiving. I always hated wasting the liver, but never liked it cooked it in a pan. I had thoughts about Pate, but tripped over this and ran with it.

I've done it boiled and smoked and thing I like smoked better. I have to try it again this year. Again, if you can't or won't emulsify the meat, this will not turn out as you expect it too.

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This year I found You can freeze the meat too much before grinding and I had a hard time getting it emulsified properly. I never got it perfect, but it got close and I learned a valuable lesson for making it in the years forward.

Texture was good, but should have been better, but it still eats good.

Recipe on my blog and Youtube video on the process at the bottom.

Long video on making it, so it you got a short attention span, just skip through it.
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You made it look good...almost like summer sausage. Liver just aint my thing though.
This is the only way I eat liver normally. Liver is a sponge you cook the blood out of, IMO. This is a way of making a Pate sandwich meat or cracker meat.

It is supposed to have a finer smoother texture, but I messed up freezing the meat and should a have just chilled it. Learned a lesson for next year.
Pretty tough to beat a good braunschweiger sandwich. Never tried making it as no one but myself likes it in my family.

As a kid when we butchered hogs the livers always went into the blood sausage. That is by far my favorite way to eat liver. Still get a few pounds every year from a friend who still makes it. Once in a blue moon you can find it in one of the local meat stores.
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