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Broadheads for elk

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anyone have any experience on xbow heads for elk? If I draw my Wyoming tag this year I'm gonna use a crossbow.
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My scorpyd deathstalker 380 shoot slick trick 100 grain crossbow broadheads great to 50 yards. My deathstalker 420 shoot QAD 100 grain exodus, shot very well out to 50 yards. I shoot Jerry's spynal tapp arrows with 110 grain inserts with blazer vanes, the arrow weighs 424 grains.

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German kinetics.
Thanks Fletcher...I killed 2 bulls with German Kinetics with my compound, so hopefully they'll fly good out of an xbow
They seem to fly pretty accurately from what I've seen.
Slick tricks u might loose a blade if u hit a rib but they get in there and get the job done.
German kinetics.
GK's are a Great broadhead ! Day Six Evo is another good fixed blade but spendy. Best bang for the buck is G5 Striker V2, and it has replaceable blades if you don't have time to resharpen them. I've had hunters take P&Y elk with Swacker 2" 125gr. as well. Build your arrows to get the most penetration.
Should have included Firenock as well. I like the looks and specs on them. I have not tested them or taken folks hunting that have used them.
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