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Barnett ghost 410
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Can someone please help me out
My string of my Barnett is broke, their is one cam on the left side a little lift up, where the string is placed on.. Is there a possibility to repair this, to heat the aluminum cam and hammer it back, or stay this an weak point?

Barnett don't want to help me out because I live in the Netherlands, the store where I buy my barnett is no longer in business..

I have use my barnett two times and now it's a wall decoration..
Please help me out to getting new cams or what I can do to fix this. Maby an CNC machine to make it from a peace aluminium?

To US can make everything but to get new cams trying to purchase nearly for two years, calling every shop in my country, ebay, Amazon, Germany, Canada Nowhere I have lucky...

Never by again Barnett, poor contact and not friendly custom support.. By for 2000€ equipment and tell me to fuck up and hang up...

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