We had a chance to check out the new CAMX A4 crossbow at the ATA Show in Indianapolis, Indiana and has a unique cam system we've never seen before.

Here is how the manufacturer describes the new CAMX A4:

The A4 Suspension System features a patent-pending swingarm system that keeps the string, cable, and cams inside the tips of the limbs. This innovative system maximizes durability, minimizes noise, and eliminates vibration.

Specs on the CAMX A4 include speeds up to 370 feet per second with a 390-grain bolt, mass weight of 7 pounds and 8 ounces, axle-to-axle width (cocked) of 10.5 inches, length of 35 inches, power stroke of 13 inches and arrow length of 18 inches. Draw weight has not been published.

The base CMAXA4 retails for $1,099 and includes an ARC 370 illuninated scoe, weaver-style steel scope rings, wishbone four-arrow quiver, CAMX cocking sled, and four Accuspine matched crossbow arrows.