Carbon Express has some new crossbow accessories for 2015 that might be of interest for some of you crossbow hunters. They have a new crank style cocking aid called the Pivot Cocking Winch. They have a cool new tip that goes onto the end of an arrow and is used to help keep your arrow from penetrating the ground or a target called the NUB. They also have a couple of new shooting sticks too. You can find more information on these crossbow accessories below.

Flushing, MI - Carbon Express is thrilled to introduce a number of new additions to their extensive cast of crossbow accessories. These items have been developed with convenience and safety in mind, making them great additions to any crossbow owner’s arsenal.
The first accessory is the Carbon Express Crossbow “Pivot” Cocking Winch. This quiet and easy to use item makes it possible for virtually anyone to draw a crossbow by reducing the effort required by an amazing 94%. It greatly improves accuracy by ensuring equal pressure to each bow limb and can easily be installed or removed in seconds. It’s lightweight, ultra-portable and made of machined aluminum for excellent durability. The Crossbow Cocking Winch includes a neoprene storage case and is compatible with the Carbon Express Intercept Axon®,Intercept SuperCoil® and all Covert™ and X-Force® crossbows and has an MSRP of $99.99.
.The “NUB” Crossbow Arrow Release Tip is a small and portable device that is easy to transport and use in the field. This accessory inserts onto a standard crossbow bolt to create a quick and effective way to de-cock a crossbow, allowing the user to de-cock the crossbow with any bolt with them at the time. Its durable machined aluminum design will have this tool at your side for many years to come. The NUB Crossbow Arrow Release Tip has an MSRP of $9.99.

The all new Carbon Express Shooting Sticks have the versatility to adjust from 23” - 62” therefore allowing use while sitting or standing. The Shooting Sticks have quiet slides for stealth performance when every advantage matters. Wrist straps are included enabling you to convert the sticks into hiking staff in just seconds. The Shooting Stick have an MSRP of $44.99.

Rounding out the 2015 crossbow accessory additions for Carbon Express is the rock-solid Bi-Pod Shooting Stick. With a telescoping design, the Bi-Pod Shooting Stick can adjust from 25 to 64 inches in length allowing a shooter to achieve a wide range of positions and angles. A rubber “V” rest in the Bi-Pod provides unmatched grip and stability while protecting the finish of your crossbow. The capabilities of the new Bi-Pod Shooting Stick do not end with a crossbow. The accessory easily adapts to accommodate cameras, optics and other devices in just seconds. The Bi-Pod Shooting Stick has an MSRP of $59.99.