New for 2013 from Carbon Express Crossbows is the Intercept Crossbow. The folks from Carbon Express started from the ground up when they set out to design this new bow. They had two primary goals in mind. The first was to design a crossbow that would fit every crossbow hunter. In order to accomplish that, it had to be adjustable. Adjustable enough to fit the frames of the smallest youth hunter all the way up to the largest framed man. They achieved that adjustably with the Intercept crossbow by equipping it with sliding stock, that will adjust to fit a length of pull starting at 13” and going all the way out to 19.5” long. But the stock isn’t the only adjustable part of the Intercept. The foregrip is also adjustable. Not only will it rotate to multiple angles to fit each shooters personal feel, but it also adjusts forward and rearward do to it being mounted to a picatinny rail. The combinations of adjustment between the stock and the foregrip allows each hunter to truly fit the Intercept to their needs.
The second feature that the Engineers at Carbon Express set out to design was to create a platform that would allow the crossbow hunter to customize their bow how they wanted. They way they achieved this was to include a total of 29” of picatinny rail on the Intercept. Most noticeable is the section of rail that runs above the barrel and almost the entire length of it. The picatinny mounting platform is the most widely used and accepted mounting system in the firearms industry. Because of this wide acceptance, the accessories that you can purchase to fit a picatinny rail are just about countless. Whatever you would like to mount to your crossbow is now a possibility on the intercept. From flash lights and lasers, to camera and range finder mounts, the intercept will accept it. Need a shooting support or a bipod system, just bolt it right on. No more customizing your stock or spending time searching the web for accessories that will fit. Pretty much anything you could ever want will bolt right to this crossbow.
So you now know that the Intercept is very adjustable and very customizable, but there are many other great features that come standard on this bow you need to know about. One innovative feature is the low profile foot stirrup. Unlike traditional stirrups, this on points downward which helps cut down the overall length of the bow. Depending on where your stock is adjusted to, the Intercept can measure anywhere from 30.25” in length to 36.75” long. On the flip side the bow is pretty narrow measuring in at only 17” when at rest and 13.5” when cocked. Another feature is storage. Both the foregrip and the rearward grip have internal storage capabilities as well does the stock tube. The Intercept comes in a complete package which includes a scope, quiver, 3 Maxima Blue Streak arrows, and a rope cocking aid. To keep with the tactical look and feel of this crossbow, the scope comes with quick detach scope rings. The quiver bracket is also very adjustable and allows you to mount your quiver to the left or right of the stock or parallel to the strings and cables. Both the quiver bracket and quiver have quick detach mounts too. The supplied Maxima Blue Streak Arrow weigh in at 380 grains and shoot a blazing 360 feet per second. With a draw weight of 175 pounds combined with the included rope cocker the Intercept is surprisingly easier to cock then many other bows. Another pleasant surprise I noticed while reviewing this bow was that it was quieter than many other crossbows I have tested. This could be a result of it mass weight which is a little on the heavy side measuring in at 8.3 pounds without the scope, quiver, or any extra accessories. But once adjusted to the shooter, the bow does feel really nice in the hands.
Some other nice features worth noting are an auto engaging safety when you cock the crossbow and an anti dry fire mechanism to prevent accidental misfires without an arrow loaded. The trigger is also very smooth with little to no travel. I did not measure it myself but Carbon Express claims a 3.5 pound pull, which I thought felt about right. The Intercept crossbow also includes a hand guard on the foregrip that prevents fingers and thumbs from entering the path of the string.
So that just about wraps up this review on the Intercept crossbow from Carbon Express. If you’re in the market for a new crossbow and want one that you can adjust or customize, the Intercept is the answer. Or if you simply like the tactical look, the Intercept definitely has that too. So check one out at your local dealer so you can experience all the Intercept has to offer. You’ll be glad you did.