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Just got the Piledriver 390. Looking for reviews and comments from people who own one ? Love the way it looks, can't wait to get out and sight it in.

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I have that model crossbow. On average out of the box if will be very close to the
advertised speed when shooting a 380 grain arrow-point combination. I would
recommend shooting a minimum of 440 grain combination as it is much easier
on the limbs. I would also back the cams off a bit by either removing equal 1/2
or full twists from the cables or from the bow string. The reason I mention this
is there is a possibility of the limbs splintering when using lighter weigh arrows.

These crossbows are no longer made and if parts are required, Feradyne Outdoors
may have some, but otherwise when they are gone, that is it. Strings and cables
are no problem as they can be either purchased their or custom built.

As a further note: the string and cables from the Rocky Mountain RM405 and RM415
will fit this crossbow per Feradyne's website. They are the same length. Rocky Mountain
is a rebranded Carbon Express where many parts are interchangeable. I also have these
mentioned cross bows so I know what parts are interchangeable.

I use the crank system that plugs into the butt end of the stock. It is very quiet and
with care one can decock the crossbow. Partially cocked if ones hand came off the
crank or the crank came off, there is no chance of a back spin or dry fire. One can
stop cranking any where in the cycle.

I have added shims between the riser and the rail-stock on all my crossbows to
elliminate the downward bow string pressure. In the uncocked position if you look
from one cam to the other along the bow string, it will hump up as the bow string
crosses the rail-stock. This modification plus adding another layer of serving over
the original (BCY .030) in the arrow latch area will greatly increase the amount of
shots before that area of serving has to be re installed. One can do this extra serving
layer when using 1/2 moon nocks as one is not restricted in the serving diameter.

As further insurance against serving slippage and separation, I put a wee dab of Gorilla
glue at the ends of the serving.
For lubricant, I use the Trident Silicone Grease available on the internet in a two fluid
ounce jar. Shooting 8 shots before removing my arrows, I lube the string, cables, slide
area if applicable and the rail-stock lightly. This is a high quality product that does not
dry out or gum up but stays moist. A wee bit goes a long way.

Wishing you all the best.
Take care.
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