Carbon Express crossbows have a new entry into their line of X-Force crossbows for 2016. The new Advantex crossbow is a perfect crossbow for those new to crossbow hunting. This new crossbow won't break the bank with a MSRP of only $399.99. So what can you expect from the Carbon Express Advantex? You'll get a crossbow with lighter and better feel than other crossbows offered in its range. It also features split limbs and a narrower front end for better maneuverability. The Advantex also comes with a "rifle like" stock and which is supposed to be more comfortable and fit better, along with an adjustable foregrip so the crossbow shooter can find his or her perfect position to help with comfort and accuracy.
Carbon Express is featuring the Advantex crossbow as a "ready to hunt" package which will include 3 CE PileDriver crossbow arrows, a detachable 3 arrow quiver, a 4x32mm crossbow scope, and some rail lube.

Edit: 1-12-206

Here is a video from the 2016 ATA show covering the Carbon Express Advantex crossbow.