Items for sale:

Centerpoint Heat 415 front end. Bought this off Crossbow Talk (deerhuntalotdee). It was stated as an unused replacement. It appears to me that it was never mounted or fired. $175 M/O, 180 PayPal

Centerpoint Patriot (I think) 425 limbs, new in package. Bought from BHC here few months ago. $50 M/O, $55 PayPal.

IF you want both, $200 M/O, $205 PayPal.

I bought this stuff planning on sending to Burky this winter to make a custom. Decided against it, so I’m making it available for less than what I paid. PayPal pricing includes fees, so none of that “no fees to me” stuff. With CP’s customer service seeming like it’s going downhill, this could be insurance against missed hunting days.