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Lot of new guys need a good (inexpensive) rest to sight in your cross bow.

I picked up the Caldwell "Steady rest NXY" 20+ dollars and it works well for a cheap but steady lite weight rest for you cross bow or rifle. I have their sled but it is heavy, bulky and I shoot rifles better off sand bags which are heavy too. Not the best but one of the lightest and easily transportable.

Lot of the Crossbows do not have a 3 pound crisp trigger. I was building Couple AR's this spring and ran across a couple of quick utubes on how to shoot better and they could help you if you are shooting off hand plus give better trigger control on your shots.
utubes from Jerry Miculek one of the best worlds best shooters from his Practical Rifle classes on grip, stance for action shooting, and trigger control. With a little modification from what works for rifle shooting will (should) make you a better shooter. ( Little difference on fore end grip for a crossbow.)

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