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Chicken of the tree

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Got a nice Fox Squirrel with the little Barnett recurve. In season in my county. Back to my roots small game with the x-bow is a hoot

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When cooked correctly, I like squirrel better than venison! Good shootin!
Thanks! I’ve really enjoyed hunting and eating squirrels and rabbits with my son. My daughter and wife are having a tougher time with it.
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Bushy-tailed Tree Rats!!! :sick:

Doesn’t sound quite as appetizing put that way.
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Been a loooooong time since Ive eaten any squirrels. Back when my boy was growing up every winter after deer season he and I would go squirrel hunting and the wife would make squirrel dumplins for the family. Good food, and was like a tradition for us. Brought back some memories for sure.........
Squirrel and dumplings were a staple in college. When I was a kid my Cajun grandad would cook them (and anything else) in a brown gravy over rice. He taught me to make a roux with the best of them.
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