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Is the port in the back of the stocks for this crank shaped like a plus sign as well to match the crank’s stem or is it a round hole and the ribs on the peg is just for strength?

If it is round then it could slip, if it matches the peg’s shape then I couldn’t make it work on my DS.

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Great test Tom. I took your info and put it into a ballistics calculator. This was my results:
1st setup was -5, -11, and -21 drop at 20, 30, and 40 yds.
2nd -5, -12, -21
3rd -5, -12, -22
Past 40 yds the drop will become more significant.
There is a lot of anxiety in the Crossbow community about speed and weight of arrows.
If the calculator is correct, there is no significant difference between the light arrow and heavy arrow up to 40 yds.
If I had a 90% chance of shooting a deer at 40 yds or less, I would use the heavier arrow since it will have more KE. Also, shooting the lightest arrow is not always the best for your equipment.
I think most of the time we focus too much on small stuff. I am guilty of that too.
We should focus more on impact instead of pure numbers.
I have tested and reported this for years now, but still hear those that don't do their own testing, make wild coments about their need for that extra 10 or 20 fps,,, even 30 or 40 fps is meaningless at those yardages,, especially when you throw the MULTI RETICLE crossbow scopes in to the mix, it becomes even more meaningless! We don't need micrometers to determine efficiency, but some insist on it!

Tom is right on with his choice as to the better setup for hunting, in my opinion!

The other things not mentioned that are bigger benefits than the gained energy and penetration which becomes even greater over a lighter faster shaft the farther out you shoot, as the lighter arrow slows quicker as well out farther, is They are much less disturbed by wind,, They are easier on the bow and limbs, They are noticeably quieter as you add more weight, and the shot gets smoother as well, and noticeably felt.

With any bow, when you take 30 or 40 grains out of the arrow,, it will penetrate less, get louder, be more affected by wind causing less accuracy, as well as be harder on limbs risers and pockets, anal testing has proved this with more bows than I can list. but your on the right track Tom, and have that setup dialed in!! Speed has never killed,, unless your in a vehicle or on a bike! Weight and momentum is your friend,,, and deadly!
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