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Chronographs ?

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For those that have and use Chronos for testing your crossbows, what brand do you use or recommend ? Both for quality and price, for the backyard shooter
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All that said, can you guys tell me just how much you use them? I never bought one thinking, well, all I could do is shoot my bow thru it to see how fast it is. And I already know I dont have fast crossbows.
I’m in the same boat with Gab. I’ve nearly pushed the “ Buy It Now” button several times. But I know WWB already tests my arrows in more ways than I could. With the RDX 400 and TP 505 I know arrows fly fast enough. Using speed as a way of judging string life or other maintenance issues seems to have some merit. As Gab said “All that said…” seems like the only thing I really care about for my type of use is whether hunting tips hit where I aim. I’ve moved my money into hunting tip targets.
(One still might be fun:ROFLMAO:)
1 - 1 of 27 Posts