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So I’m switching to fixed high FOC in my compound setup, and I have about a dozen or so mechanical heads for compound. I did some experiments yesterday to see if broadheads marketed for compound will work with crossbow.

My humble setup:
Parker Thunderhawk
Parker 20” Arrows
100gr up front

The Rage Hypodermic NC for compound worked flawlessly. It’s actually what I’ll be using this year.

The G5 Deadmeats always drifted about 1” to the right. Their blades also broke off when pulling the arrow out of the target.

Now the fun experiment. I put a 100gr kudupoint single bevel head. It hit an inch high & to the right, but blew through the target almost completely. I have a hefty target too. This was proof that single bevels, w/o a doubt, get more penetration.

Pic above is two deadmeats and a kudupoint which you can’t see through this angle.

Kudupoint exit.

Hope this helps someone out.

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