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Crosman Corporation, a leading supplier of products for the shooting sports industry, has introduced its first high performance crossbow. The first model, by Crosman Archery, the Teton was designed with an aggressive, laid back, quad limb shooting system. The Teton features all weather, ergonomic stock, the new Crosman Lightning Touch trigger system and a CenterPoint Precision Optic. Rounding out this shooter will be custom string and cable systems, machined aluminum riser and cam wheel system, completely decorated in Realtree Hardwoods HD. The Teton will be available at retail in May 2008.
According to Crosman Archery Business Development Manager, Scott Alread, this first model in the Crosman Archery line raises the bar on crossbow hunting performance at a reasonable price. Crosman comes to the archery category with some valuable and transferable engineering, he said. This engineering and their 85 years of manufacturing makes our first unit more an extension and application of the companys shooting expertise than the launch of a totally new product category.
Crossbows and rifles share some important technology, including trigger packs, ergonomic stock designs, precision optics and quality manufacturing. Designed, tested and manufactured in the USA, the Teton will take advantage of all of these Crosman core competencies in the design and market profile. This unit is going to put a high quality hunting crossbow with greater feel and balance within reach of more hunters than ever before, stated Alread.
The Crosman Teton, will feature speeds of 320 FPS, and also utilize a new 4x32mm Multi-Reticle illuminated scope from CenterPoint, along with three carbon arrows, quiver, crossbow sling, and quick release bi-pod, rope cocking device and field points. The Teton is for the experienced hunter seeking a new level of performance in the field.

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