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Cross 3x32 scopes

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What size battery goes in the Cross 3x32 crossbow scope and has anyone else had issues with the backlit reticle working properly? Barnett customer has been great & replaced the scope 3 times already and finally sent a Barnett standard scope...
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Barnett scopes use a CR2032, the same as a computer. Do your self a favor and get rid of the Barnett scopes and purchase something better like a Hawke or Ravin. Barnett new series crossbows has a different scope, whether it would be better, I do not know. The Barnett Cross scope has various settings, from black to several red and green.

Due to the amount of negative feedback I have read on the Barnett cross scopes, I never mounted any of mine. The high draw weight crossbows have a lot of recoil or vibration, so this could be why they fail??

Barnett scope rings can be various configurations even with the same series of crossbow. One wants a set that has the removeable cap, 2 or 4 screw style installed from the top, not from the side that holds the ring to the scope.

I am using 2 each Bushnell AR 223 3 x 12 x 40 Drop Zone with the side parallax that can be reduced to ten yards on my Barnett Ghost 410's. These do not have the illumination which I do not require for target shooting. The scopes are rated up to 600 yards. I also have 2 each Hawke and one Ravin scope.

All the best.
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