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I am going to attempt to compile the following information for a data sheet from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources:
Estimated deer population
Number of deer hunters
Number of deer harvested
Number harvested with a bow
Number harvested with a crossbow
I would like this information to be from 1975 to present day. Crossbows became a valid tool for hunting during the regular archery season in 1976. I want this data for 2 reasons. The most obvious reason is for you guys that live in states that restrict usage of a crossbow. The second reason is I would like Ohio to increase the draw weight capacity to include the 225lb models. Currently we are limited to 200lb draw weight.
I pretty much already know what the data will show. It will show a steady increase in both hunters and deer population with virtually equal success rates between bow hunters and crossbow hunters. I just don't think anyone has bothered to compile all 31 years of those statistics before.
Can any of you think of any additional information that I should seek to help the cause?
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