I had a chance to test the Crossbow Laser Boresighter Bolt from Aims hot-Slammer Hunting Innovations. Simply put, it is a crossbow arrow with a laser in the point of it. It’s main advantage is that it lets you sight your crossbows scope in at a short distance (7 yards), which will really help hunters who have no place to shoot or a pro-shop owner that is setting up crossbows all day long.

It comes ready to go except for adding the supplied batteries, which install easily. Once the batteries are installed, you’re ready to go. You will need a gun vise or some secure way to hold your crossbow. The first step is to hang a target and move up to 7 yards. With the crossbow in the vise, align the red laser dot into the center of the bull’s eye. Once you have accomplished this simple task, you can turn the laser off. Next, you need to look through your scope and adjust both the windage and elevation adjustments until you crosshair is centered in the bull’s eye. This only takes a minute or so and you’re on to the next step. Move back to 20 yards and shoot your crossbow. You’ll find that you will be right on the money, or at least very close. No worrying about launching an arrow over the target anymore. After a couple of fine-tuning adjustments, you’ll be on your way.

There are a couple more things you can do with the “Crossbow Laser Boresighter” that I will discuss. First, is establishing a 20-yard reference point for your crossbow. With a new target hung and crossbow back into the vise, re-insert the boresighting arrow and center your scope up on the fresh target. With the laser turned on, you can trace a circle around the projected beam and now have a reference point for 20 yards. If you ever take your scope off of your crossbow or install a new one, you will know exactly where to set the crosshairs so that you are sighted in at 20 yards.

The same method works at closer distances too. This is good for those of you that travel to 3D shoots or hunt out of state. You will be able to check your crossbows sight after traveling from the comfort of your hotel or hunting camp without shooting your crossbow.