When I started the Crossbow Nation forum I had one goal in mind. That goal was to give crossbow enthusiast a place to get accurate and up to date information in a family friendly location. The reason I started a crossbow forum was because I wasn’t happy with any of the other crossbow forums out at the time. Most archery forums did not recognize the crossbow as viable hunting weapon and therefore did not have a crossbow forum available for their members. Other crossbow forums had one room. Those crossbow forums were very hard to navigate, and finding the information you were looking for was a chore. And yet other crossbow forums were inundated by anti crossbow hunters that claimed that crossbows were for the handicapped, women, or children only. These crossbow forums were not moderated very well and I saw room for improvement. So I started my own crossbow forum, Crossbow Nation.
From day one I tried to make sure the Crossbow Nation forum was well organized and well moderated. I took suggestions from the forum members and always tried to include them in the advancement of the site. It didn’t take long for Crossbow Nation to become the biggest and the best crossbow forum on the web. It was the first crossbow forum that had specific rooms so you could find and navigate the information you were looking for with ease. It was also the first crossbow forum that invited manufacturer representatives to participate giving members a direct line of communication to the manufacturers. As the membership grew, so did the site. Not only did we have the largest crossbow forum in the world, but we then added a gallery, blogs, articles, and videos. Things were going great. Crossbows were gaining headway on a state by state level and the forum was gaining members on a daily level. But, as often happens with any good idea, it bred competition.
Today there are a number of crossbow forums on the web. Some are pretty original looking and some look like a copy of the Crossbow Nation forum. But none can compare to the Crossbow Nation forum, it’s members, and it’s moderation. We consistently get emails and private messages from our members on a regular basis stating how much they enjoy the Crossbow Nation website and how it has helped them to become a better informed consumer and or crossbow hunter. Not only do the members recognize it as the premier crossbow forum, but some crossbow manufacturers do as well. It’s amazing how many people in the industry come up to me at trade shows to compliment the Crossbow Nation forum. Even better, some manufacturers have noticed the value of forum and have made the decision that it is the crossbow forum when it comes to announcing press releases and manufacturing news.
As the crossbow industry grows, I’m sure there will be more crossbow forums to follow. For now Crossbow Nation has risen to the top of the competition. This is something we do not take for granted. We are always striving to build a better site and offer a better user experience for the members of the Crossbow Nation forum. With the member base continuing to grow on a daily basis, we are looking to hit 10,000 registered members by years end. This will be a huge milestone for the Crossbow Nation forum and will most likely be the proudest moment for me in the history of the forum. Until then, we’ll have to wait to see what the future has in store for Crossbow Nation. Maybe a crossbow t.v. show? Only time will tell.
If you or anyone you know shoots a crossbow and would like to be apart of the largest crossbow community in the world, then please join the crossbow forum at Crossbow Nation. http://crossbownation.com