Looking for the perfect gift for the crossbow owner in your life? The CrossbowNation Holiday Gift Guide is here to help.

I’ve been a pretty good guy this year. I didn’t take any unethical shots. I didn’t trespass, unlike that guy hunting the property next to mine. He’s a jerk. Lumps of coal for him, please. I mean, I did say some pretty naughty words when I missed that buck. Stupid branch getting in the way of my shot. But seriously, you probably would have said the same thing if you were in my shoes, right? The CrossbowNation Holiday Gift Guide has 10 gift ideas I really would like for Christmas.

Ravin R15

Okay, I know it’s a little pricey, but the Ravin R15 crossbow is the hottest bow on the planet right now. With a speed of around 425 feet per second and a six-inch axle-to-axle cocked width, it is fast and compact enough for tight-quarters shots like from the ground blind, or up in my treestand.

Victory Archery VooDoo Bolts

On the vertical bow side, Victory Archery started the micro-diameter arrow craze with the VAP arrow shaft. That same technology carries over to the crossbow world with the Victory Archery VooDoo . These bolts are more accurate due to less contact with the rail, and carry energy extremely well, making them some of the hardest hitting and most accurate bolts you can get for any crossbow. I’d love to find a package of these under the tree this year.

G5 Deadmeat Broadhead

Mechanical broadheads have always had a little trouble with crossbows. The shear speed and force exerted on the broadhead was leading to premature openings and poor performance. With crossbow-specific broadheads, we have better shots and cleaner kills. G5 knows a thing or two about archery performance and the Deadmeat broadhead is one of the best three-blade mechanicals designed just for modern crossbows. These would be perfect for a stocking stuffer, Santa.

OKC Hunt Plus Knife

Who doesn’t need a good knife? I know I really appreciate them and Santa, it’s make a sweet gift for sure! The OKC Hunt Plus is about a simple of a hunting knife as it gets. Yet, the simplicity of the design is matched with the near perfection of the design. A tough, non-slip handle and perfectly contoured blade make this the best deal going in hunting knives.

Spare Cocking Rope

I about panicked. I was headed out to the stand and realized I forgot the cocking rope. It was worse when I couldn’t find it in the truck for a while. I vowed to be a smart hunter and have a spare cocking rope . The thing is, I still haven’t bought it yet, so Santa, please bring me one, like this one from Parker Bows.

Throwable Target

You know, Santa, in keeping with the “good” part of me, I need to practice with my crossbow, and at different ranges. A high-quality, throwable target, like the Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead Target would be perfect. It has self-healing foam so it’ll last for years, plus it’s very portable so I can take it with me.

Plano Spire Case

I need to protect my crossbow too, so a good case, like the Plano Spire case is a great option. It has heavy-duty latches and storage for the quiver and other accessories. Plus, it’s not too bulky, or expensive, something that some other hard cases aren’t. This would make a great present for me, or any other crossbow shooter, Santa.

Bushnell Bone Collector Rangefinder

I asked my buddy Michael Waddell what I need to ask Santa for Christmas and he said I should put the Bushnell Bone Collector rangefinder on my list. It is accurate within a yard out to 600 yards, although I’m not taking a shot with my crossbow anywhere near that. Bushnell does make one of the best rangefinders, too, so this is a good one and at a great price. Please Santa?

Cuddeback Cuddelink Trail Cameras

You know, it’s good to scout for deer and other game, right Santa? Well, I always worry about walking in and spooking game to check cameras. That’s why I want the new Cuddelink cameras from Cuddeback . With high, 20mp resolution and the ability to check all the cameras from a single camera, this system is the perfect scouting tool for me. And if you get it for me, I promise – no trail cameras on the roof anymore.

Wood N’ Stream Boots

You wouldn’t want me to get cold feet, would you Santa? I didn’t think so. You’re such a jolly old elf! The Wood N' Stream boots are some of the best hunting boots going and with 2,040 grams of Thinsulate, these may be the warmest hunting boots available. They have a solid fit, are very comfortable and are waterproof and scent reducing, making them a perfect option for hunting and other outdoor activities.

Thanks Santa!

(No reindeer were harmed in the making of this Christmas gift wish list)