Crossbows: Everything you need to know or learn about crossbows.

crossbow  is an old type of weapon built around the basis of a bow, consisting of a horizontal bow-like assembly mounted on a stock similar to what is on a rifle or shot gun. It utilizes bolts/ arrows as a projectile.  The cross bow dates back to medieval times being used in war. 

Crossbows were invented and developed in the geographic area of ancient china.

These bows were commonly used in wars historically in East Asia, Mediterranean and Europe.

In current times, crossbows have been modernized and have been reengineered to new levels of performance, accuracy, speed and usability due to their popularity in the hunting world, especially deer hunting

There are a lot of crossbow related websites and crossbow forums where people can ask questions and discuss to learn even more.  

  Different types of Crossbows: There are several different types of crossbow designs.   The most prominent feature that separates them into different categories is the style of limb the crossbow uses.  

Recurve Crossbows :  Recurve crossbows get the name from the limbs of the crossbow having  a curve that go away from the shooter.  A recurve crossbow will store more energy and will deliver more energy efficiently then a bow with straight limbs.  A recurve limb also allows for shorter limbs to be used compared to a straight limb bow. 

Compound Crossbows : Compound crossbows are a more modern version of crossbows that utilizes cams to load or bend the limb.  This type offers many benefits to shooters.   Due to the cams being eccentric rather then round they offer a huge advantage of cocking the bow to the extra let off you get.  when the string is pulled back in the cocking process the pulleys/cams rotate.  based on the design of the cams this allows more weight to be pulled more easily.   

The limbs on a compound crossbow are usually stiffer then the limbs on a recurve or straight limb crossbow.  This makes the limb more energy efficient.   

Reverse Draw Limb Crossbows :

Crossbow Reviews :  Many Crossbow Review articles and videos have been done to help crossbow buyers make a educated decision.   

Crossbow Manufactures:  There are a lot of high quality crossbow manufacturing companies out there in the modern market place.   Here is a list we compiled of them:  

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Hunting with a Crossbow

The crossbow has been used for hunting and shooting since ancient times. Modern day crossbows are a very effective tool one can use to hunt both large and small game. The crossbow is much easieer to become proficient with and as a result is the first wepon of choice when introducing new hunters to the sport of hunting. With many states now allowing crossbows to hunt with during the regular archery season, crossbow hunting provides a longer season then hunting with a gun and during milder tempratures. Not every state allows the crossbow to be used during archery season, however, most states will allow a hunter to hunt with a crossbow durning the firearms season. Always check with your local fish and game departmnets before hunting with a crossbow.

Crossbow Bolts or Arrows

Crossbow bolts or arrows? What is the proper name for the projectile that is shot from a crossbow? While both names are widely accepted in the crossbow hunting community, there is a difference. A crossbow bolt is normally much shorter than an arrow, often times around 4" - 6" in length. A bolt also weighs much more than an arrow and does not have feathers or vanes attached. In mid evil times, crossbow bolts were used to not only for hunting, but could also pierce armor. Todays crossbow arrows are much longer in length ranging from 17" - 24" long. They can be made from aluminum or carbon. This lighter material allows the crossbow arrow to fly much faster and flatter. A crossbow arrow is usually equipped with 3 to 4 plastic guides called vanes. Some modern day crossbow hunters still use feathers though. The point of the arrows are interchangeable and most crossbow hunters switch back and forth from practice points to the hunting tip called a broadhead.