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I had 4 arrows that had splits at the insert. I told Jerry and he sent me 6 new Tapps. I found problem. It was my NAP Double Cross broadheads. One of the bleeder blades was opening too far and hitting the arrow. I told Jerry to send me a bill. He said don't worry about it. MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Now that is a business practice that is unheard of.

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Jerry is a stand up guy...
I bought my Orion extreme from South Shore. The serving on the string frayed rather quickly. I contacted Jerry and he sent me out a new string,gave me instructions on how to keep the serving maintained and instructed me on how to contact ABB to get my original string reserved.
All at no cost to me!
Jerry is the real deal.

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Mind blowing! Hope he doesn't go broke give'n everything away!!! LOL
The goal is to never make a mistake but we also know that is not rational thinking so the second goal is to fix the mistake as quickly as possible.

In this case we didnt make a mistake but it was only a few arrows which would take more time to have them sent back, restocked then try to find someone who wanted them. Or we could have charged for them but it was an honest error so why fuss over a couple of bucks. The fact is our errors are few and far between so the losses are from a financial point of view almost non existent.

I have never done good to get back, you do good because its the right thing to do.

Rave to their new Email contact at all steps along the arrow build process.
I have wanted this type of program for years, problem was finding a company to write the code correctly and cover the cost.

Late last year we were able to make this happen.

Now all arrow orders will be notified of the status of the arrow build on the 5th day, the 8th day, the 12th day and the 15th day if it takes that long to process an order

Also we added another modification, we use the largest wholesale supplier in the world, kinseys

We have had the code written to our online store (south shore) to put Kinseys entire multi-million dollar inventory in the store. Those items when ordered will be drop shipped directly from Kinseys the day they are ordered.

This is huge for items like tree stands or other very heavy items, the savings on shipping to our customers is a biggie!
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