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Got 'er done! Retrofitted my homemade press to accommodate the Cyclone.
Basically it's a boat winch and two rollers mounted on a tubing frame I made from an unused weight set. The rollers can be adjusted in or out to fit the bow by moving 1/2" bolts that run through rollers to different holes in frame. The Cyclone is narrower than my other bows and much stiffer. Had to move the rollers in from where furthest holes were drilled. Their location is critical to make it work for the Cyclone. Too far down on the limb and the limbs won't bend. Too far up and the rollers block the cable fastener pockets. Thusly, the string can be removed but not the cables.
Had to change the pulley and tie down rope to 3/8" (picture shows the 1/4" rope). The lighter rope was straining too much. My little voice said "it could break." I listened, for a change. (Damn thing is NEVER wrong!)
Next to make spare string and set of cables.


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