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Decocking Arrows for KI Swat?

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I guess I need one for my new little black beauty!!! Any suggestions? Does it matter much what kind?

Are these ones from Allen good enough?

PS, and I'm supposed to get flat nocks for all the arrows I guess. Or can the 'universal' nocks work for the Swat? The guy I bought the setup had them thrown in the box...

Thanks, KTK
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Just use an old arrow and discharge into rag bucket or bag.

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I agree with Sam. Get a 5 gallon bucket and stuff it with old clothes, rags, etc. Cut a circle out of the top and install cardboard. You now have a discharge bucket. Throw it in your vehicle and discharge when you get back to it.
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Thanks guys!!! :) That sounds easy. With my old Excal, I could decock with the rope of course. But I guess I can't do that with a Swat.
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