(Photo by Delta McKenzie)​
(Photo by Delta McKenzie)

The new Chunk target from Delta McKenzie brings yet another option to market for crossbow shooters. Delta McKenzie’s experience as a leader in the archery target market makes selecting a new target that is capable of being shot with both field-points as well as bolts equipped with broadheads simple. Some of the features that the new Chunk target brings to the table will make many shooters rather happy like the integrated handles that require no wraps or ropes that might become frayed or damaged.

Delta McKenzie did a wonderful job at increasing the overall shootable area by layering their famous Mo’Foam in a distinctive cube shape that also offers equal arrow penetration depth regardless what side if the target you are shooting.

The Patented Mo’Foam is the sendest foam on the market and Delta’s exclusive bonding process fuses all the layers of Mo’Foam into a single block that no longer needs straps, bands or other fasteners like you might find on the competition’s foam targets.

The new Chunk target will be offered in three sizes with an MSRP that varies accordingly. The 12” will hold an MSRP of $39.99, the 15” $74.99 and the 18” $119.99. You can learn more about the new Chunk target on the Delta McKenzie website .