The Equalizer Crossbow Stabilizer is a new product from KTech Designs for 2016. This is an after market accessory that you bolt onto a crossbow, typically on your sight bridge, but really anywhere you have a picatinny rail. It's main purpose is to offset the all to common front heaviness of most traditional draw crossbows. The Equalizer has two rods that mount parallel to the rail of the crossbow. These are adjustable forward and backward and also have an adjustable weight system on the end facing the stock. These weights are stackable so the crossbow shooter can get the exact weight need to balance his or her crossbow. On the front end of each rod is  a Limbsaver De-Resonaator which helps absorb vibration. Plus, you can give your crossbow a custom look by choosing from various colors.

So I know you guys are thinking why would anyone want to add more weight to their crossbow. And most times I would agree with you, but on the TenPoint they had on display at the show, I can tell you that because it was balanced so well, I did not notice the extra weight. What I did notice is that the crossbow had a different feel than I was use to that felt really good. It was do balances that you could pick the crossbow up with one hand while holding the grip and the bow pointed really nice without it wanting to noise dive.

I will say that I only got to hold a crossbow with theKTech's Equalizer Stabilizer System installed and never did shoot one to see how it felt. However, I look forward to doing a full review at some point in the future with where I will try it on several crossbows. For now, checkout the video below from the 2016 ATA show.

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