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Excaliber Axe 340 with Pro Trigger & Pro Flight Arrows

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For sale is an Excaliber Axe 340 with installed Pro Trigger, 3 stock arrows and 6 Pro Flight Arrows.

I have 100% feedback on e Bay as Individual1972 and additional feedback on Snipershide (100%).

This was bought the end of October new and has never left my back yard. I have shot about 40 shots and it is laser accurate; 20yd zero shots are posted here.

Selling because I just don't shoot it much and it's just going to sit.

No scrapes, no splinters, like new. Original box.

Priced to sell. I will ship with tracking within one business day of receiving Paypal funds.

$650 OBO shipped.

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And Danny Miller string changer, 100 & 150gr tips and stock quiver.
That was one hell of a steal for whom ever bought this bow!
That was a great deal.

I almost bought it. Just too much overlap with my Gen1 micro 335.

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Amazing deal, would have bought it within minutes of posting had I not already bought a micro just a couple months ago.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts