This information is only a report of what I have done. Do not do what I do!
Find out for yourself how the factory (Excalibur/Bowtech) wants it done.
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Step 1. Prepare the New Cocking Rope by tying a Figure 8 stopper knot on one end. Trim the end to within 1/4inch of the knot. carefully use a cigarette lighter to melt the end of the rope so it will leave the end enlarged.


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Step 2. The other end of the cocking rope must be modified to fit through the small orifices and pulleys. Separate the rope strands with a toothpick, flatten the rope and separate 2 strands on one side and 2 on the other side and cut out the middle strands.


Photo # 2 A Photo # 2 B Photo # 2 C

Step 3. Take a multi strand electrical wire, 6” long and 1/16” in diameter and expose 2” of bare wires on one end.
Separate the strands into 2 sets. Twist 1 set of wires to 1 set of rope fibers using a drop or 2 of a flexible glue (wood glue or fletching glue.) then twist the remaining rope fibers around, add a drop of glue, then twist the other wire fibers around and add a drop of glue.
Let the glue dry for an hour then bend and flex the glued part a little to make it more flexible getting in those tight spots.


Photo # 3 A Photo # 3 B Photo # 3 C