Excalibur Crossbow 420TD.
This Xbow was purchased for my 'go to Xbow'. I'm 65 and thought a change of Xbow would be nice. I've always been intrigued by speed since that's where all the new bows seem to be heading. After shooting the Xbow I realized that I'm old school and 420TD was not the Xbow for me. I decided to continue using my Matrix 330 as my 'go to' and make the Assassin my backup. I started out looking for a used Xbow with speeds of 300-350 range and will pursue looking if I can sell the Assassin. I never took this Xbow into the woods. This bow (420TD) is what they say it is: FAST and very accurate. I have only shot out to 60yds and it's dead on. I have approximately 30 shots sighting it in and just sending some flinging toward the target. If I could say it's in mint condition, I would. It's in excellent condition. It'll come with a new string and 16 Zombie Slayer bolts. (custom made by Wyvern)
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