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Excalibur Equinox limb life

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I have an Equinox I have been hunting with the past ten years and it's been a great trouble free bow, I am wondering how long can I expect the limbs to last. I unstring the bow after the season so its only strung for about six weeks at the longest sometimes only a few days when deer cooperate. Do the limbs have an average life span and can they still be purchased at Excalibur? I tried to put this on the question for Excalibur thread but it is closed.
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Length of limb life is a total guess but Yes Excal still has limbs for the old bows. You are still covered by warranty.
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I would think if someone was a frequent target shooter that shot thousands of shot a year the limbs may limber up. That would also depend on the care the owner put into the crossbow. The number of dry fires would also be a factor. This is all subjective on my part since I have no data to draw conclusions from.

I believe an average shooter would never wear out a set of limbs if the crossbow wasn't dry fired on a somewhat regular basis.

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Thank you guys for all replies to this question, I guess I won't worry about it.:)
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