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Up for sale.. possible consideration of a trade for another crossbow.

In very good shape overall is an Excalibur Matrix 310 with a Matrix 380 rail thrown in the mix.
The 310 is based on a rail that was modified by the master- Burky :) The bow can be converted to a Matrix 380 with the spare rail . It has a new Boo Flemish string and has the black carbon fiber look stock and limbs.
Will come with:
Rope cocker
Scope: standard Hawke 3X MAP
Seven (7) Goldtip 425 Ballistic Pro arrows from Burkholder archery. These are their Pro series featuring .001 straightness and spine indexing.
Excalibur Quiver
Spare set of Matrix limbs
Danny Miller String bumpers
Dr. Stirrup limb dampners
Cheek piece
Extra string or two
380 rail with Excalibur trigger and Guardian Anti-dryfire.

Bow is not perfect, there is some superficial marks on the riser from where a top mount quiver was once used.

$525.00 TYD PayPal with no fees to me or Postal Money Order accepted. Sale or trade to the Lower 48 States only.

Please message me with interest.

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This is a great setup, If I hadn't done the same thing to my Mad Max 380 I would be all over this! I have a 330 Mad Max rail cut to 330 for my 380 Mad Max main bow, with a trigger tech installed and the XB-30 Pro sighted in on both rails I can swap out the stock and riser in less than 5 minutes and and never have to re zero!

This is an excellent setup and as always as simple as it gets with accuracy that can only be equaled, nothing will shoot more accurate!! With the advantage of a great price if it were just the 380 itself! Which is the best bow I have ever owned, a absolute hunters dream in my opinion,,,,

someones going to be smiling!
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Ok so here is the rundown of everything included:

Excalibur Matrix currently in 310 Form.
The rail was modified by Burky (Tim B.) so I can assure you its spot on great!
It's the normal 330/355/380 riser, not the NY State compliant riser.

1) Bow has Carbon Fiber look stock and limbs
2) Brand new Boo Flemish string
3) two extra strings
4) Excalibur Quiver
5)Extra set of Carbon Fiber look limbs
6) Rope cocker
7) Six-seven Burkholder archery Goldtip Pro 425 arrows. Spine indexed and .001 straightness
8) Hawke standard Scope no illumination. Just the lines pattern
9) Matrix 380 Rail with trigger and Guardian Anti-dryfire mechanism
10) Danny Miller String bumpers
11) Dr. Stirrup limb dampners

$485 TYD.. PayPal with no fees to me or Postal Money Order accepted.

You're basically getting two bows for an extremely low price considering what's included.

Please message me with interest.
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