Excalibur Micro 355 & Extras as follows: the micro itself is in great condition. See the photos below. Any further photos that you would like to see just let me know. It comes with an upgraded trigger, Flemish string, and the supplied overwatch scope. Included is the EXT crank, extra set of the limbs, and, six 300 grain indexed BEE’s. There is some extra hardware for the front end… spacers, and screws for the limbs. The quiver is an over the top quiver. Rope cocker is included. And teo 150 gr schwacker broad heads. I will ship to the lower 48. PayPal, no fees to me 😊
Wood Wall Tints and shades Symmetry Rectangle

Font Gas Wood Machine Motor vehicle

Bumper Auto part Automotive tire Gas Gun accessory

Camera lens Automotive tire Gas Auto part Electric blue

White Font Gas Tints and shades Symmetry