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Excalibur Twilight DLX - Anyone still using one? Or used too?

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I used one of these this season and would say I was well satisfied with it. I'd have to say it was comparable to a good rifle scope in low light conditions, and the lit reticle sure didn't hurt anything in the last 5 minutes of light. Scope seems durable & I really can't think of anything bad to say about it.

However, I realize this scope has been around for a while & just isn't very popular anymore - I just haven't figured out why.

Unless it just isn't the 'latest & greatest', we all want that, I get it.

Anyway, if you used to use one of these & switched to something better, what is the better scope?

I read through a lot of scope reviews before I bought this one and so many of those reviews ended with 'not that good in low light' - which wouldn't be OK with me.

Anyway, just curious & always wondering 'what's better'? And it is not as if I'm being sponsored by some particular brand or anything!
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i use one on my excalibur matrix 380 bulldog and love it. i have it dialed in to my crossbow and i can practice to 50yds all day. and practice using the range reticle in the yard by just dropping the target anywhere and then use the range finder for yardage and the reticle in the scope it is right on. using this scope you can practice using the range finder and then the right reticle in the scope.
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