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Firenock Areorest from Vitallimits for my R9

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I was going to try the Firenock Aerorest from Vitallimits on my R9.. Any thoughts out there, has anyone else tried this rest on a ravine..

Thanks Brian.
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You can order that rest straight from Firenock!!!

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I'd recommend you do a search on here first. But if you still decide to buy one, I understand you have 30 days to return it if you don't like it.
I would be very cautious about purchasing one of those. I have read many posts both here and on facebook sites about problems with arrow lengths and other issues with that rest. I have not used one personally but here there are problems with it. Be careful my friend.
I have one, works great. You can't shoot factory's arrows, minimum length is 21". I think he designed it that way on purpose;)
Dave at vital limits is a great guy. Very helpful. You can send him the bow for him to do it for ya or you can buy it from him and do it yourself. If you buy from him it won’t cost you anymore than buying it from firenock. May even get it cheaper from vital limits. Difference is you would be helping out a small shop instead of a bigger company.
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