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I had a privilege of building and testing an arrow built with the new Firenock 2.0 Concept system is the first of vertical bow arrows.. Whats referred to as the 1.0 is a carbon inner tube at 6 inches in length epoxied on a double shoulder insert to receive both tube and shaft. Although the inner tube stiffened and better stabilized the shaft up front making for a more forgivable shot cycle and better retained energy down range the inner carbon tube still allows the shaft to act more as one with the component with the glue as it elasticity between the to components further aiding it to do so and to add it helps broaden the null point of the arrow, not push it back..

The Firenock 2.0 system is a combination of inner tubes both front and back of the arrow, with the back being set to custom lengths and locations pending shaft type and builders preference for a more ideal location. This was to calm down what was happening in the back of the shaft of what some might call tail or fish whip as the arrow expends it energy, in short the 2.0 helps better stabilizer the arrow in the rear making.

Result and observation of shooting the 2.0

1St round, The launched cycle felt a lot cleaner and more forgivable, accuracy at longer ranges out to 50+ yrds was better and more on target. When shooting the 2.0 at 10-15 grns heavier the arrow shot as flat or maybe an inch higher impact at a distance of approx 35yrds.. The weight I suppose from the 2.0 kicked in from 40 on ward as the arrow dropped a little more at the longer ranges being heavier, although accuracy was still there. Anyone Shooting Hunter Class 35yrd shoots should have no trouble with weight on the 2.0 at 10-15 gn more without POI loss.

When matching the weight the 2.0 takes over not only in better accuracy, but in POI.. The 1.0 lost the race at the 40 yrd mark, more noticeable at 45yrds the 2.0 offer impact height difference of approx 2-3 inches higher. Not that I like doing chrono reading base on the number so the fps whether high or low doesn't concern its only the difference between the 2. And that is 310fps out of the gates and at a distance of 50yrds it was running 281fps.. That is approx a 9.5% efficiency loss with very little drop with M.A.P. being near 40yrds..

Arrow used was a CT Cheetah approx 332gn, Firenock 2.0 Concept, Firenock S Style nock, Firenock alumin double shoulder with Firenock Aero Point. Bow was a 66.5lb NewBreed 30 dl, Firenock Aero Rest micro.

Using a different shaft with 2.0 system weighing in at 469gn I shot might personal tightest 3 shot test group at 92.83 yrds @2.25 inches..

This is also done to X bows shafts, but I have not had a chance to build or shoot that but hear good things about it..

2.0 con 2.jpg
2.0 speed 50.jpg
Concept 2.0 2.25inch group 92.83 yrds in wind.jpg

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Do you thinks the Rick's glue is a good choice to build crossbow arrow with carbon inner tube?
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