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Hello to All!

We manufacture a tuning part for Excalibur crossbows that makes them self-cocking and foldable. Our system is powered by paintball high pressure air tanks and it allows you to cock your crossbow without any effort and almost completely silent.

Our first product review is online at the “slingshot channel” on YouTube and I wanted to share this video with you:

I will try to be here every few days to answer any questions that you might have. But please keep in mind that we are an Austrian company and we are also still a rather small company. So there might be a delay before I answer your questions. If you contact us directly over our website the response times will be faster.

Wish you fun with the review,


P.S. We hope to get a subforum very soon - then we will be able to directly offer you our products. In the meantime we hope that it is okay that we present our review here.
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