With so many broadheads on the market, trying to choose the right one can be daunting. To help you on your way, here are five of the best crossbow broadheads you can buy.

When the popularity of crossbows grew rapidly, the market for specialized accessories grew as well. One thing became apparent as the speed and accuracy of crossbows grew; the broadheads hunters used for vertical bows just didn’t cut it anymore.

The problem was a matter of force. The release of a crossbow exerts a greater force on the bolt, and therefore the broadhead. The result, especially with mechanical broadheads, was that shooters were experiencing blades opening in flight, which is a surefire way to decrease the accuracy of a mechanical. This created a demand for crossbow-specific broadheads, and the industry responded. Here are five of the best crossbow broadheads you can get right now.


There’s a lot to like about the Swhacker broadhead . The company may not be the first one you think of, mostly because it isn't as big and flashy as some of the major brands. However, it makes one of the best mechanical broadheads on the market. The two “wing” blades handle the initial penetration, and deal with the hair and dirt part of the cut. They also force the main blades to open, leaving a massive wound channel as the arrow passes through. One of the most reliable and stable-in-flight designs going.

Rage Hypodermic

Speaking of brand names you’ve obviously heard of, the Hypodermic Broadheads from Rage may well be the best all-around broadhead the company makes. What sets the Rage Crossbow-specific broadheads apart are the oversized ferrules designed into the broadheads for bolt alignment. The tip of the Hypodermics helps aid accuracy and penetration.

G5 Deadmeat

When you want to talk about advanced archery equipment, you’ll probably start the conversation talking about G5 products. Its latest entry into the mechanical crossbow broadhead market is the G5 Deadmeat . This three-blade broadhead uses a special G5 Snaplock system to keep the blades from deploying before impact and they include a special practice tip designed to perfectly mimics the flight path of the real thing, making practice as perfect as possible.

Muzzy Trocar

Not every broadhead has to be mechanical. Muzzy makes some of the toughest broadheads going. The Muzzy Trocar is an all stainless-steel fixed broadhead with a 1-3/16 inch cutting diameter. The blades are arranged in a helix for accuracy and the ferrule aligns for perfect symmetry with the bolt.

NAP Redneck

NAP knows a thing or two about making high-quality archery gear and the NAP Redneck broadheads are pretty sweet. They get the name from the red locking ring holding the blades in place. These 100% American-Made broadheads have a 1-1/8 inch cutting diameter. And they have offset blades for an increased entrance hole. The overall broadhead was designed to match the higher speeds of modern crossbows, too, making this a great choice for the modern archer.