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One of the best ways to improve how you shoot your crossbow is better optics. Here are five of the best crossbow scopes available today.

There is no doubt that crossbows have become an important part of the archery landscape. In just a few short years, the popularity of them has exploded, making them the fastest growing segment of the sport by far. They open new doors for archers and hunters, especially to those who are otherwise unable to shoot a traditional-style bow. Part of the allure of a crossbow is repeatable accuracy. One of the elements that aides in this accuracy is a crossbow scope.

Many crossbows come from the factory with a scope, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. While the stock scope is usually pretty good, opting for a new scope can dramatically increase accuracy, clarity and shoot-ability of your crossbow. Here are five of the best crossbow scope on the market today that can help make you a better crossbow shooter.

HHA Sports Optimizer Speed Dial

The thing that makes the HHA Sports Optimizer so good is that it is accurate and tough. HHA has been in the business of dial-up sights for many years. That means you simply dial the distance into the sight and you’re going to be “on” at that distance. The scope and dial are guaranteed to work and last. Once you’re sighted in at 20 and 60 yards, you’re set at every distance you’d take a shot at. These sights work extremely well and are well worthy of being on a list as one of the best crossbow scopes.

EOTech XBow

What sets the EOTech XBow apart from other red-dot style scopes is holographic technology. With a traditional red dot, you have to be perfectly aligned in your shooting position to have the red dot be directly on the target. With a holographic sight, the crosshair floats and appears to project out in front of the crossbow. This helps you be more accurate, especially when conditions get tough. Being an EOTech, these sights are as durable as they get and battery life is extremely long for season after season of use.

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD

Bushnell loaded up its new Legend Ultra HD crossbow scope with some of its coolest new features. This fully water and fog proof scope has Bushnell's Crossbow DOA reticle for precise accuracy at any range up to 50 yards. It uses low dispersion ED Prime glass for clarity and the eye relief is perfect for today’s crossbows. Plus, it’s a Bushnell, so you know the quality is there. This is easily one of the best crossbow scopes available.

Nikon Bolt

The thing that gets the Nikon Bolt on the list of best crossbow scopes is brightness. The Nikon lets in 92% of available light, making it very bring in low-light conditions. This also makes it very clear. It has Nikon's BDC 60 Crossbow reticle too, for accuracy out to 60 yards. Being a Nikon, you know the quality of the scope, too.

Tenpoint Rangemaster Pro

We already know that Tenpoint is one of the premium makers of crossbows. It also produces some of the very best, and well-designed accessories. This includes the Rangemaster Pro illuminated reticle scopes . These scopes let you adjust for drop and bolt speed, compensating for speeds from 275 to 425 feet per second. Multi-dot reticles give you pins out to 60 yards and the scope comes ready to mount with included rings. These scopes are a huge improvement over your stock scope and are easily one of the best crossbow scopes you can get.