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Frog Lube

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I didn't want to stray stay off topic in another thread so I thought I would start the conversation here.

I brought up the use of Frog lube as I used it on my collapsible buttstock on my TS370. Since then, I have wondered how it would work as a lubricant on my strings.

I started researching various cleaners and lubricants for my firearms. I teach firearms and wanted a good product that was water, rust and corrosion resistant. Frog lube is fantastic. I found this link and it compares 46 different products. If you scroll down to the charts and actual test results you will see that Frog lube is in the top 3.

I am new to crossbows so I will ask those here that are the guys in the know. Would Frog lube work on crossbow strings and other parts.

Here's the link with the various tests that were performed. I will admit that I didn't read the whole article, I did scroll down to the test results and found them very interesting.

Goose Slayer
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GooseSlayer, thanks for sharing!
Well, I just spent the last 30 minutes and read how the testing was done. I should have read it closer as I now realize that the tester not only is a gun guy, but he's a bow hunter.

Very interesting test results.
Curious if applied as a rail lube.

Currently, using Trident Silicone and will continue. Like it and ways to go before I go trough my canister of that product.
Frog Lube is indeed a good product but it's essentially coconut oil with little bit of another oil mixed in and some scent.

Google up "frog lube is coconut oil" for some interesting reading.

If it were me, I'd just buy straight coconut oil for a whole lot less money.

The only thing that would concern me about using either is whether or not the scent would alert deer to my presence, but if you're not hunting with it, that won't matter.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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