Pro archer Aaron Tedford showed off the new Gearhead X16 Tactical crossbow at the 2018 ATA Show in  Indianapolis, Indiana.

The X16 Tactical is the next evolution of the industry's lightest crossbow - the X16 Carbon. Like its brother, the X16 Tactical made of carbon fiber, making it incredibly lightweight.

Gearhead outfitted the X16 Tactical with a TriggerTech trigger package, while the grip and butt stock can be replaced with any AR-15 grip or  butt stock. Interestingly, the crossbow shoots regular arrows with regular nocks rather than crossbow-specific bolts.

What really sets the X16 Tactical apart is that you can take apart quickly without any tools. It fits in a very small bag, making it easy to travel with.

As for price, the X16 Tactical does not come cheap, which is not surprising considering the technology built into it. It carries a retail price of approximately $2,300. If don't need the breakdown feature, you can pick up the X16 Carbon for $2,000 or the X16 aluminum version for $1,500.