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Ghost 400

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Goods and bands of a ghost 400 does it do 400fps,what problems did that model have. I am interested in it or should I walk away.
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Goods and bands of a ghost 400 does it do 400fps,what problems did that model have. I am interested in it or should I walk away.
I shoot the Barnett Ghost 410 which is very similar. These crossbows came out with poor quality string and cables: not enough tension was applied when building them and not enough tension applied to the serving for the arrow-latch area.
The cables were a two piece design where one part looped through the other to make a cable. This allowed for additional stretch. High quality string and cable system I recommend is from 60X. Their cables are one piece.

Referring to my Barnett Ghost 410, the cams have cheap bearings which are meant for remote toys. Some had no grease but the main problem was over size axle holes. I replaced them with a one piece bushing with the proper axle hole. This also re enforces the axle which is mild steel.

The design of the riser is the main problem with these crossbows as it is carbon fibre that does not except much twisting or movement and it starts breaking up from the inside out. If the crossbow was brand new, I would install upper and lower plates in the two large holes of the riser for re enforcement.

Replacement parts are no longer available as I tried this past spring to purchase two complete risers for spare parts as Barnett will not sell individual parts shown in red in their parts schematic on their website.

If you are looking for a similar designed crossbow, Lancaster Archery has the 2018 model Barnett Droptine STR which has numerous up grades, narrower as the riser is narrower and the limbs are shorter but still have 185 pound draw weight. I put a review on their site what I did to make this into a high quality, shootable crossbow. Their site lists the crossbow as 20" but the actual axle to axle measurement is slightly over 18" in the uncocked position. This crossbow has the one piece cable. This crossbow is compatible with the Barnett Crank Cocking Device if that is required now or later. It also has a gusset in the large riser opening which adds strength.

You may wish to up grade to a better scope. I have never used Barnett's scopes due to poor feedback.

For lubrication, I use the Trident Silicone Grease available on the internet in a two fluid ounce jar. This is a high quality product that does not dry out or gum up, but stays moist. A wee bit goes a long way.
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Some good reviews on the Barnett TS370. For more information on that crossbow, contact "TomOnTheRun" as he if a forum member on this site.

Wishing you all the best with what ever you choose.
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I don't know much about the Ghost 400. Bunnyrabbit has that model / series pretty well covered.:cool:

The Trident silicone grease is what I use per bunnyrabbit's suggestion for my Crossbow.

The Barnett TS370 is a good shooter out of the box. I would advise reading up on bunnyrabbits shim fix to level the bowstring pressure on the shooting rail. I did and it's a game changer for bowstring center serving wear on my TS370. I created a shim mod review for my TS370 in this forum. Oh, it's a very accurate shooter too.

The TS370 shoots 370fps range with a 400grain arrow. TS370 is light and compact but can be adjusted to fit your frame with the adjustable butt stock. I really, really like this Xbow and I've owned a few over the last year. However, lots of other great options out there.

Good luck with whatever Xbow you decide to get.
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You can but a ts 370 at northwoods outlet for $249.00 with a crank. $600.00 setup.
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That is such a steal of a deal.
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