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Got some Friends together for an afternoon of target shooting fun yesterday at the range some 10 miles from my home.
It was a hot and humid one in the 90's felt like 100+.

Morning forecast called for possibility of afternoon thunderstorms but nothing came of it.
Lots of blue sky and heat.

Occasional small clouds passed by providing a little relief with 10 mph ENE wind gusting to 13 mph.
Humidity was 65%.

We shot the Tenpoint Vapor, which was unanimously voted as the best all around for handling, shooting and cocking/decocking.
The Ravin R26 came in a close second but since some of the fellows were 6'4"+, they really had to adjust to shoulder it.

The CenterPoint 370 would not latch in SAFE when cocked so again, she sat unused.
Will have to troubleshoot her soon, the lonely wallflower.

Good thing was I found my Sig Sauer Rangefinder in the CenterPoint's travel case side bag but could not see the readout due to the bright sun and did not have the instructions to increase the LED intensity.

The Barnett was popular too, I forgot which model but she was fast and hit hard.
Buddy rigged a Crank Assist to it, I should have taken a detailed picture as it looked kind of funky but it worked.

I brought the chronograph along but no one cared about speeds, they just wanted to shoot.

The Umarex Air Javelin was very lightweight and fun to shoot.
The red dot and green crosshairs took a few shots to get used to.

We set up targets at 20, 40 and 60 yards as we all agreed it was too hot to retrieve arrows further than that, maybe next time we will stretch it out to 80-100 yards.

The NO SPEED LIMIT SpyderWeb target was at 20 yards.
The Morrell Double Duty target was at 40 yards.
The Delta-McKenzie Discharge bag was at 60 yards.
Man did it ever get spun around and take a beating.
The velcro cover had to be re-secured a few times.

We shot for 3 hours in total.
The cold drinks in the clubhouse afterward went down REAL fast.

All in all, it was great to not only get out but more so to hook up with so many old Friends all at the same time that I have known since childhood, some as young as 5 years old.
One fellow could not get the time off work but he has been out shooting with some of us before.

We all agreed there will be a few more rounds together before the winter comes.
Hopefully, next time it is some 15 to 20 degrees cooler!

Here is part of the range, we were well off to the left-most area of the property.


The shooters, I took the picture.


A couple of 60 yard shots with the Ravin 26, two different shooters back to back.
The Delta-McKenzie discharge bag took a real pounding yesterday!


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Great time for sure. You aren’t in Southern Ohio are ya?
Thanks Reg.
Actually we are near Windsor, ON, Canada in that picture.
About 3 hours north on I-75 from Dayton.

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That looks like fun!
Indeed it was.
Now that the cooler weather is coming, I hope to be out there much more frequently.
I will be packing a xbow or two and a target in the SUV each morning.
The range is not far from work.
Hoping I can lock a target out there so I don't have to lug it around all the time.
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