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This was the last weekend for Rio Grande Turkey in Texas so I decided I'd quit being picky and go for whatever I saw. As soon as I sat down, it was stinking hot in that pop up, so I unzipped my pants, rolled up the bottoms and unlaced my heavy snake boots. Sure enough a group of Turkey came in immediately, so I did what I do best-I flung an arrow and hit him perfectly. He ran/flopped 12-15 yards and the others followed him and doing what male animals do, began to flog him to take over dominancy. Well, he was dead so the interest in that faded, but then they wouldn't leave him. They'd start to walk away, but he didn't follow, so they'd go back for him. After five minutes, they finally left him and slowly walked into the woods. Thank GOD he didn't go far and I could see him beside my blind, because I was in quite the pickle with the camera rolling and my pants undone and rolled up amongst other items of clothing missing from my body. There was no chasing the bird this day! Guess what's for supper tonight?

Enjoy the story and the picture. The picture was taken off of the film since I was hunting alone and in a hurry to get back to business of waiting for pig-thirty.


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