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The people at Darton are great. Talked with Laura twice. First time about a week before the ATA to find out more about Darton and what makes a Darton Toxin such a great crossbow. Was helpful with getting general information, and was very friendly. She made arangementsfor me to talk with someone about greater engernearing and patents the Toxin crossbows have. Laura called me last week tto let me know everyone was busy with the ATA but were getting ready to talk to me about the crossbows both times was very friendly.

Today talked with Tedaboutthe Toxin crossbows. These are really greatt pieces of work and engineering. Darton has truely engineered everything they could in the crossbow to make it fire accurately. That if firing off of a stand the bolt will have a tendancy to fly for the same hole everytime out to great distances. Ted was very relieved when I mentioned now accuracy is on me. My breathing, finding landmarks from the crossbow and my body to ensure the exact same approach to a site picture, the same gentle squeeze on the trigure. Truth is that accuracy is 90% me and my skills. 10% is the crossbow to center tth bolt in the serving and firing string. To keep the cams in timing. For the barrel to suupport the knock. To support the shooter to take up the same sight picture. We also talked about what Toxin would be best for me, living in Colorado, and looking to do long distance target shoting. This was nott lets just go for the most expensive one and it will be the best. Even though in the long run Colorado state law did determine the best crossbow to be the Ttoxin 150. It is the only one to have a Power Stroke over 14". That the law is strangely written and what they really mean and what the Rangers and Game Wardens will really measure is a Power Stroke. The Toxin 100, and 125 have a length that would fit my small 5' 3" body best. But both are not legal in Colorado for hunting. That if I train and become very good at target shooting at closer ranges used in ASA and IBO competition that the Toxin 100 with pro package would be a great way for me to go. All I should need to do is fire Black Eagle Zombies with 125 grain field tips and should be under the speed limit. That all 4 Toxins are going to be very smooth and predictable in firing. A small almost not percievable advantage to the 100, and 125. The 150 would have an advantage at distance because of the 380 fps speed and will out shine the others at the longer distances 100 to 200 yards and longer. Tthis will be a lot of fun, but ASA or IBO do not compete at these distances currently. The XT version will allow me to adjust the front hand and should allow me to virtually make up the 1 1/2" growth in length. The Toxin 150 I would be throwing bolts the size of bowling balls of it to get the bolts under the speed limit.

Then Ted and I talked about the Darton family. How they are all great people, and about the Field Staff Shooter program. In Colorado this would involve both the crossbow, the Darton Toxin, and compound bows. Yes I would be very interested in representing Darton especially in Colorado and being a part of the growth of the company. Created the Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Now waiting to see if I am selected. This will also mean needing to get a Darton compound bow in the near future too.
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