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Hawke Redhot scope...any fans?

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I have a Redhot scope on the way. Price was good and I jumped before doing any research but remember seeing a few rave reviews a while back.

Anyone a fan of these and have advice or guidance? It's going on a slow 335 fps bow... and I wanted to lighten up over my XB30.
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Just bought a 1.25-4 Parker Pin Point for the 3rd time (not sure why I sold the first 2). It's the only Hawke scope I’ve ever liked.

I have heard some reviews on their 3x scope and it wasn’t good. I think crappie-tom may have had a review on the 3x, but I'm not sure.
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I got the RedHot and installed it on the Micro 355 yesterday. It was only a few ounces lighter than my XB30 with it's base but quite a bit more compact. I played with both scopes side by side at dusk and didn't see much, if any difference between them in clarity and brightness. I really love the single aimpoint and lighted center dot brightness adjustment. I hope to shoot it soon to see how it tracks. Planning to make a generic tape for it until I decide on my arrow configuration for hunting. It will have just single digits on it and a decoder to show what range they correspond to until my arrow is finalized.
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