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Hello from Louisiana

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I've been lurking on the site for a few months and decided to take the plunge and join up. I'm not new to bowhunting. Took my first whitetail with a bow way back in 1983 and have taken a few deer with an old Horton Hunter Xbow. I've had the new crossbow fever for a couple of years now and when I saw a Centerpoint Patriot 415 at my local big box store marked down to $249, I treated myself to a late Christmas present.:) I've spent the last week or so trying to get everything dialed in on it. I've found this site to be a great source of information.
Bow season doesn't close here in my part of Louisiana until Jan. 31, so I'm hoping to get my first kill with the new Patriot before then.
God Bless.
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Saved... You are indeed blessed living in The Sportsman's Paradise!:D The extended season is just lagniappe.:p
We also enjoy an extended season here in Maryland, but we have to endure a whole different breed of "Swamp" creatures 15 miles from The Capitol.:eek::D;) Welcome aboard. Let us know how that Patriot works.
Welcome to the Nation.
Good luck with the new xbow. Welcome to the boards. :)
Welcome from TX
Welcome to the Nation.
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